Jul 09 2020


All Day

Reflectiz | The Hidden Risks of Third-Party Apps on Websites

Join Idan Cohen, the CEO of Reflectiz on our special webinar. Learn everything you need to know about the invisible dangers of third-party apps on websites. We’ll take you all the way from detection to effective mitigation. You will meet Magecart attacks, learn why you are accountable for third-parties and find out how to avoid financial losses.


  • Short background

  • Everything you need to know about third-party apps

  • Third-party risks you cannot afford to miss

  • Magecart hacking group and Web-Skimming

  • Famous third-party attacks

  • Avoiding the risk

  • Security controls: Static Vs. Dynamic

  • CSP and code review

  • Storage: internal or external

Idan Cohen
CEO, Reflectiz

Idan is the CEO & Co-founder of Reflectiz, a cyber-security company that provides a security solution for websites against third-party threats. Idan is a former Cyber IDF officer, with over a decade of Information Security expertise.

Leading roles: CTO at Bugsec Offensive Security and at Cynet (a cybersecurity company)